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There’s no straight line from A to B. That’s EXACTLY what building a business feels like. Twists. Turns. Dead ends. Tears. Missteps. Winding roads. Yet somehow, always moving forward. I’m practising what I preach. Focusing on ONE thing instead of a million. Nailing the message. Getting CRYSTAL CLEAR about where this business is headed. Digital […]

Your brand is your identity, so keep it consistent!

build a consistent brand image

In our crazy, busy, modern-day world, brand identity is king! It’s the secret sauce that makes your brand memorable and trustworthy. But how do you ensure your brand is consistent? It’s about ensuring a unified brand experience across all digital channels. From your website to social media, every touchpoint should reflect your brand’s identity. Why […]

5 things you can do to boost your personal brand

personal branding on a t shirt

Personal branding… It’s not just for celebrities or influencers anymore! Personal branding has become more important than ever. Every professional, entrepreneur, or small business owner can benefit from a strong personal brand. It’s your unique selling proposition (USP) in the marketplace. But what exactly is personal branding? And how can you boost your personal brand […]

Stand out from the Crowd! Why you need a Brand Strategy for your business

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Small Businesses invest in their marketing and advertising to attract customers, but some ignore the importance of branding. Learn how it can make a difference for your brand today. Branding isn’t just for the big guys. Yes, some of the big guys have the best brands in the business but those brands weren’t developed by […]