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Ocean View Estates and Winery, nestled in the picturesque landscape of the Brisbane hinterland, offers a unique blend of award-winning wines, gourmet dining, and scenic accommodation. As a small business in the competitive hospitality industry, Ocean View Estates sought to elevate its brand visibility and attract more customers as well as improve the way they engage with their customers online. We delve into how the winery partnered with us to implement strategic marketing initiatives, driving growth and success.
Ocean view estates flight of wine
Ocean View Estates and Winery, while renowned for its exquisite wines and stunning scenery, faced challenges in standing out amid fierce competition in the hospitality sector

The challenge

The primary challenge for Ocean View Estates was the lack of a cohesive marketing strategy tailored to its unique offerings and target market.

The winery needed to increase brand awareness, drive more traffic to its estate, and ultimately boost sales of its wines, dining experiences, and accommodation options.

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Recognising the need for expert guidance in their digital marketing strategy and implementation, Ocean View Estates engaged us to help build and engage their customers online.

Online audit and Digital Marketing strategy

We used various strategies to boost Ocean View Estates’ brand visibility and engage its customers, primarily across social media and website.

  1. Brand Positioning and Messaging: As a small business marketing agency, we worked closely with Ocean View Estates to refine its brand positioning and messaging, emphasizing the winery’s unique selling points, such as its scenic location, premium wines, unique dining experiences and events as well as boutique accommodations.

  2. Digital Marketing Campaigns: We crafted a social media and content strategy across their social media channels for their wedding offering as well as the Dining, accommodation and winery offerings.   These campaigns showcased Ocean View Estates’ features, promoted special events, and encouraged user-generated content to foster community engagement.

  3. Website Optimisation: We also revamped Ocean View Estates’ website to improve user experience, optimise for search engines, and effectively showcase the winery’s amenities, events, and booking options. This included implementing responsive design, enhancing site speed, and optimising content for relevant keywords.

  4. Content Creation and Distribution: Recognising the importance of compelling content in attracting and retaining customers, we developed a content strategy focused on creating high-quality, engaging content, including blog posts, videos, and photography highlighting Ocean View Estates’ vineyards, cellar door experiences, culinary offerings, and guest accommodations.

Keeping it consistent

Ocean View Estates has a unique brand synonymous with Brisbane hinterland country life, rolling hills and breathtaking scenery. Whilst crafting strategies across its digital channels, we ensured a consistent brand look and feel to harmonise its channels and make them pop.

Small businesses need a consistent brand across their digital channels to build trust, recognition, and loyalty among customers. A unified brand image ensures professionalism, clarity, and coherence in communication, enhancing memorability and facilitating customer engagement. By maintaining consistency in messaging and visual identity, businesses can strengthen their brand presence, leading to increased credibility and ultimately driving business growth.

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Ocean view estates winery scenery
And the best result? Having a digital marketing strategy allowed Ocean View Estatesto keep the momentum up by giving them purpose and direction , knowing their efforts were yielding results. So they can get back to doing what they do best!

And the results?

By partnering with a us and implementing strategic marketing initiatives, Ocean View Estates and Winery achieved remarkable growth and success in a competitive market.

The collaboration resulted in increased brand awareness, higher levels of customer engagement, and a tangible impact on bookings and sales.



In the top 10 spots in their local area

0 %

Increase in engagement

Across social media channels

0 %

Increase in website traffic

Within the first 6 months

0 +

Facebook followers

Up 20% since campaign commencement

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Take a day trip to ocean view estates

What the Client said

Digital Creative has been a pleasure to work with on all of our social media and website platforms. We have handed the total management to them and since have experienced significantly more traffic, engagement and followers across the board. Trish is extremely knowledgeable and has a flair for what people are looking for and wanting to hear. I would recommend Digital Creative to any business wanting to build their social media presence and visitation. I feel like we can trust her to manage everything as we are time poor and can now focus on other things within the business.
Ocean View Estates Kate and Thomas Honnef
Kate Honnef
Owner, Ocean View Estates

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