Start a Business online: A startup on a Mission

Embarking on a new business venture can be daunting, and tackling it in the middle of a pandemic adds even an extra layer of complexity!

Gavin and Jordana approached us with an exciting concept: venturing into the local landscaping scene. However, they faced the challenge of not only shaping their brand but also establishing a digital presence, especially in unprecedented times.

Adorn Block creations Logo

A business is born

Gavin and Jordana embarked on the exciting journey of starting a business online, one that was still in the process of acquiring its identity. The first thing we did together was delve into their brand values, aspirations, and crafted a detailed buyer persona for their envisioned clientele.

The ideal client?

A local home owner, mid 40’s, middle-high income earner who works in the city, with interests in home improvement, living on acreage and family. We researched the market. They are new to living on a large acreage block and want trustworthy advice on landscaping their new home.

Armed with an in-depth understanding of their ideal client, we conducted extensive research on local landscapers and thoroughly explored the dynamics of their target market. 

By compiling a rich vocabulary capturing client sentiments and preferences, we entered a creative workshop phase. Our goal was to forge an ideal brand that not only mirrored their business values but also resonated profoundly with their envisioned clientele.

And from that, Adorn Block Creations was born!

Target audience research
We dived right down into Adorns' ideal clients pain points, goals and demographics to get to know their potential sudience really well
Brand mood board Adorn Block Creations
Crafting a mood board became an enjoyable exploration of colours, fonts, and visuals that not only resonated with Gavin and Jordana's personal style but also struck a chord with their target audience.

Crafting the Brand

But a brand is so much more than a business name!

It represents the entire identity and reputation of the company. It includes everything from the logo, colors, and design elements to the values, mission, and customer experience.

A strong brand creates an emotional connection with customers, establishes credibility and trust, sets businesses apart from competitors, and influences purchasing decisions. A company’s image is how people perceive it. This perception can greatly impact its success and longevity in the market.

Moving on to the exciting realm of logo design, we initiated the process with several conceptual options. Each concept was meticulously aligned with their brand values and the narrative they wished to convey through their visual identity.

The choice of soothing colours, Purple and Green, held symbolic significance – Purple representing creativity and magic, a testament to Gavin’s landscaping prowess, and Green symbolising growth and the natural environment where his enchanting designs take root. The inclusion of a picket fence in the logo aimed to emphasise Gavin’s passion for transforming houses into homes, creating designs tailored to enhance the lifestyle of every homeowner.

Developing the strategy

Navigating through competitor research, understanding the target audience, and exploring the market where the Adorn business will operate took a little time, but the payoff is undoubtedly worth the effort.

With this knowledge, we learned a lot about the market. This helped us create a strong online presence that appealed to Adorn’s future customers.

This step channelled this knowledge and empowered us to develop a robust digital strategy, ensuring Adorns brand reaches their unique audience in the online spaces where they regularly hang out.

Their digital marketing strategy consisted of:

  • Instagram and Facebook as their social channels, and a content strategy for each channel
  • An SEO optimised website that beautifully highlights what differentiates them from the crowd. An ongoing SEO plan and content strategy to target local keywords in their area.
  • A launch campaign for their business through Facebook and Google paid advertising and local facebook groups to introduce this amazing brand to the local area.
Digital Marketing Strategy for small business
Adorn Block creations family sitting on a fence
A local Facebook Ad launching their new business with a photo of their own family resonated with other families in the local area

And the results?

Adorn started by finding clients on local Facebook groups and advertising locally on Facebook. We created a website to display their backyard designs and began improving it with Local SEO methods to attract more customers. 

And what has it meant 3 years later?

Adorn is number 1 on Google for “Samford Landscaper”, “Best landscaper in Samford” and “Dayboro landscaping”. This means they have achieved the coveted first page of Google for their industry (because who even scrolls past the first page of Google’s search results anyway!). 

They are a top local landscaper known for quality content on social media and a trustworthy website that showcases their expertise. Customers can find inspiration and answers to their questions on their website, making them a trusted choice for landscaping services.



In the top 5 spots in their local area within the first year

0 %

Increase in Social Media Followers

Within the first 3 months

0 %

Increase in website traffic

Within the first 3 months

0 %

Return on Digital Investment

Within their first year of operation

Website copywriting adorn block creations
Adorn Block creations owner leaning on a fence

What the Client said

"Digital Creative has been integral in helping us establish our brand identity when starting our new landscaping company. Trish helped us identify our brand values, identify our audience and how we want to communicate with our customers and with a social media strategy to build our audience. So many things we hadn't thought of! We love our brand and we now have a clear approach to grow our business online through social media and our website"
Adorn Block creations owner leaning on a fence
Owner, Adorn Block Creations

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