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Let’s talk Digital Marketing! What it is (and what it isn’t!)

There’s definitely a buzz in the digital marketing world at the moment and it’s not going away any time soon. Particularly as the pandemic propelled businesses at warp speed into the online abyss.

But do you know what Digital Marketing really is? And most importantly, what it really isn’t?

Most people think digital marketing is “doing social media”. Well, that is certainly part of it but it’s certainly only ONE part.

Digital marketing encompasses ALL marketing efforts on an electronic device or internet including web, mobile, instant messaging, search engine optimisation (SEO), podcasts, video marketing, email campaigns AND social media. The tricky part (and the most effective part) is getting all of these mediums to work in unison, driven by a strategy to meet your business’s goals.

Helps you find YOUR customers

The awesome thing about digital marketing compared to traditional marketing is the ability to attract ONLY the customers you want to attract. Where a big expensive billboard on the side of the highway captures EVERYONE’s attention who drives by it, it may not attract YOUR audience’s attention.

Digital marketing allows you to target specific audiences by learning about their online behaviours, interests, location and demographics so you can deliver personalised and customised messages to them.

Levels the playing field

Digital marketing allows ANY business to compete, meaning no matter how small or small your business is, there are plenty of opportunities to compete in the digital world. Search engines or social media platforms don’t care how big or small your brand is.

Measurable results

Digital Marketing enables you to Measure results and learn from your data

A huge benefit of digital marketing is that it is measurable.

And even more beneficial is that it can be measured IN REAL TIME. There are so many tools for analytics out there and most platforms these days come with their own analytics tool. You can measure your return on investment in any aspect of digital marketing easily and make adjustments to your strategy on the fly.

And it’s not just social media

The Digital Marketing world is HUGE and includes web, mobile, instant messaging, search engine optimisation (SEO), podcasts, video marketing, email campaigns AND social media to name a few. It is virtually impossible for any digital marketer to be an expert in each field AND maintain consistency across each channel.

Most digital marketers specialise in some way depending on their industry and their industry’s demand. For example, my business specialises in Copywriting, Websites and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and whilst others specialise in Podcasts or Email Marketing.

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Digital Marketing is so much more than follows and likes

Starts with an effective strategy

Not every business uses all the Digital tools and channels that are available to them, and that’s absolutely ok! In fact, I encourage businesses not to use them all (at least not at first). Choosing one or two tools or channels and using them effectively and strategically is a much more effective method.

But it all starts with your strategy.

Stepping back and analysing your business, your goals, your competitors and your strengths FIRST will guide which digital marketing tools and channels are best for your business.

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Having a digital strategy greatly improves your chances of online success

Digital Marketing can be a HUGE asset to your business and done effectively and efficiently, can greatly improve your chances of success. If you need help with your digital marketing strategy or choosing the channels that are right for your business contact me for a chat and let’s get you on the best path for your business.

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